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October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

Early Modern English (Terttu Nevalainen)
Middle English (Cynthia L. Allen)
Noam Chomsky (Howard Lasnik, Terje Lohndal)
Old and Middle Japanese (Bjarke Frellesvig)

July 2017

Conversion in Morphology (Sándor Martsa), summary
Polysemy (Agustín Vicente, Ingrid L. Falkum)
Semantics and Pragmatics of Monkey Communication (Philippe Schlenker, Emmanuel Chemla, Klaus Zuberbühler)
Usage-Based Linguistics (Holger Diessel)

June 2017

Cyclicity in Syntax (Robert Freidin)
Ferdinand de Saussure (John E. Joseph)
Georg von der Gabelentz (James McElvenny)
Inflectional Morphology (Gregory Stump)
Linguistic Landscape of Ethiopia (Elizabeth Lanza, Hirut Woldemariam)

May 2017

Muskogean Languages (Jack B. Martin)
Passives and Syntax (Artemis Alexiadou)
William Labov (Matthew J. Gordon)

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