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Recently Published

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February 2017

Etymology in Romance (Eva Buchi, Steven N. Dworkin), summary

January 2017

Child Phonology (Yvan Rose)
Corpus Phonology (Jacques Durand)
Japanese Linguistics (Natsuko Tsujimura)
Lexical Semantics (Dirk Geeraerts)
Nikolai Trubetzkoy (Edwin L. Battistella)
Speech Perception in Phonetics (Patrice Speeter Beddor)

December 2016

Innateness of Language (Yarden Kedar), summary
Multilingualism in Rural Africa (Jeff Good, Pierpaolo Di Carlo), summary
Relative Clauses in Syntax (Mark de Vries), summary
Romance in Contact with Basque (Gerd Jendraschek), summary

November 2016

Coarticulation (Daniel Recasens), summary
Kra-Dai Languages (Yongxian Luo), summary
Polysemy (Agustin Vicente, Ingrid Lossius Falkum), summary
World Englishes (Edgar W. Schneider), summary

October 2016

William Labov (Matthew J. Gordon), summary

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