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  • How does color affect our way of seeing the world?

    “I would like to devote this post to how language “shapes” thought and creates a “worldview.” The experiment involved the Himba people, and is deliciously tempting for those seeking to show how language creates a way of seeing the world…” –By John M. McWhorter

  • The lure of sound

    “There’s something about the idea of ‘original pronunciation’ (OP) that gets the pulse racing. I’ve been amazed by the public interest shown in this unusual application of a little-known branch of linguistics — historical phonology, a subject that explores how the sounds of a language change over time…” –By David Crystal

  • The history of the word “qualm” (Copy)

    “Once John Cowan suggested that I touch on the murky history of the noun qualm and try to shed light on it. To the extent that I can trust my database, this word, which is, naturally, featured in all dictionaries, hardly ever appears in the special scholarly literature…” –By Anatoly Liberman

  • Quebec French and the question of identity (Copy)

    “The French language came to North America with the first French settlers in the 17th century. French and British forces had long been at war before the final victory of Britain in the mid 18th century; after the loss of New France, France lost contact with its settlers and Quebec French became isolated from European French…” –By Anne-Laure Jousse

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